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Nicole Sweeney

Nicole Sweeney



Nicole's first art form was dance, however, she took that passion and majored in architecture instead of becoming a professional dancer. After 6 years of school for architecture, she realized she was not interested in becoming an architect either and instead loved making things with her hands. She became a display coordinator at Anthropologie. After working at Anthropologie for 3 years, she decided to launch her own business, turning her dining room into a wood shop.[1]

Nicole grew up in Vermont and her father owns a construction company.

Nicole owns two cats.


Nicole is excited to be on Making It to push herself outside her comfort zone. She believes that the most personal growth comes from doing things that make her uncomfortable. 

Crafting History

Nicole is currently diving into woodworking. She loves geometry.

She also enjoys making things out of trash. In her role at Anthropologie, she was required to think outside the box and make displays out of unconventional materials that many would likely call trash. One of her skills is transforming materials into the unexpected.


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