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• 8/1/2018

Great British Bake Off for DIY

While most TV reality series are brutal and completely competitive "Making It" takes cues from the much lighter Great British Bake Off where contestants help each other complete their challenge. But is "Making it" a complete copy of the Great British Bakeoff for DIY?
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• 8/2/2018
It's definitely Great British Bake Off for crafting and that's part of why I love it. There's something super refreshing about a competitive reality show where it's not actually negative competition. There's no cattiness or bad feelings. It's all about the art and the people.

The first show I saw that I felt had a similar vibe was actually Face Off on the SyFy channel. The first season had some of the drama competitive meanness but after that, it mostly became friendly and just about the makeups. On that show and on GBBO, part of what I love is that the contestants help each other when they can (and are allowed to). I feel like I'm rooting for real people not charicatures.

Anyway, I am totally with you that it is very GBBO and I'm okay with it.
• 8/3/2018
Yeah, this has all the GBBO elements - funny hosts who are just ever so slightly inappropriate at times, friendly contestants and a positive spirit around celebrating the craft.

The internets seem to agree this is the feel good show of the summer.
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